Saturday, January 12, 2008

On to Knitting!

I just wanted to separate out the HP stuff from my knitting. On the knitting front, since October, there has been some more action. I made a scarf with my niece's name on it for Hanukkah, and I began my most ambitious project to date: this cape out of Knit.1's Fall 2007 issue.

I swear, I bought the magazine only for this. I've been working on it religiously, but it's a loooong haul; I knit on the metro and I'm lucky to get in a row and a half a day (it's those pesky 372 stitches). This is also my first foray into cabling. I altered the pattern a little to make the cabling symmetric, moving away from the edges. I've also had to frog countless times; it took me a good long while to get going. I have learned, however, how to ladder down several stitches and reconstruct cables I screwed up, so it's been a good learning experience. This cape is so beautiful and I want to knit it for myself very badly. The only things I've knit for myself are a hat, my wedding shrug, and a Ravenclaw scarf. Although they're pretty, I would really love to knit something I can feel truly proud of achieving.

Other than that, there's this really pretty bolero sweater I found in Simply Knitting's November 2007 issue; I bought some very pretty cherry red Plymouth Galway yarn to make it.

I'm thinking of alternating one week on the cape and one week on the bolero.

In terms of recent acquisitions, my husband got me the set of KnitPicks' Harmony needles for my birthday, and I can't wait to give them a whirl. I need to buy longer cables for my cape project. Although I love my Denises, I'm beginning to feel a desire for sharper needle points, and I think my new needles fit the bill.

One of my friends also moved back to the States from Europe, and his girlfriend, who is originally from Mongolia, is going to be joining him here as soon as she gets her visa situation squared away. I would like to knit her something really special to welcome her to the States. I came across this stunning lace pattern, and after reading this review of Hand Maiden's Swiss silk/cashmere blend, I was sold. So I bought two skeins in the "Autumn" color (the Loopy Ewe, where I bought it, seems to have sold out really quickly so the pic is no longer up) - a real splurge, given that I'm a total knitting cheapo - to make the scarf for her.

That's what's new on the knitting front.

On other fronts, I've changed jobs, we're moving our rooms around in the house (our old bedroom is our future joint office and my old study is our bedroom) and working on home improvement (laminate and a big picture window in our basement), and life is going pretty darn well.

Hope you're all well!



Jenna said...

Glad to get the update from you, even though I've not been the best communicator. The cape is a beautiful pattern, I've never seen it before! It will be very dramatic. What yarn and color are you using for it?

Glad to hear that life generally is going well and I hope it continues to improve!

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